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Happy birthday, Patrick!

Frank Dicksee | Romeo and Juliet | 1884


Frank Dicksee | Romeo and Juliet | 1884


the only thing better than robots is gay robots


Nuggets of gold in 140 characters or less.


i hate porn. “ohh fuck my ass!!!” you fuck your own damn ass


My mom say that everyone has a beautiful side. So I guess I’m a circle.


Look, we really can’t keep this a secret any longer. Our hearts are bursting at the seams with eternal love and lust for this master of his craft - Andrew B. Myers. Phew, much better now that’s out in the open. 

How can one look past such gorgeous pastels and sentimental subject matter. Twister, VHS tapes, toys and other ephemera that we can recall from childhoods long gone. It tugs at the heart strings and makes the eyeballs happy with aesthetic goodness.

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